Jura 16 Year old

As part of the trip to the Isles , a stop in the Isle of Jura was a must and so was the acquisition of a bottle.
So now this small 35cl bottle is sitting on my desk ready for me to give it a try , as I have no idea what to expect , this is exciting :

Jura 16 Year old

Colour: Light Tea , or more like a tea with honey , but clear through.
Nose : light and easy on the nose ,faint traces of smoke easy enough to not disturb those that dislike smokiness in the whiskey ,apricots, vanilla and very faint trace of mint.
Palate : gentle on the tongue ,smooth and slow in producing the warm glow in the stomach without any burn or after burn as it goes down. When going down it is leaving traces of caramel ,pines and almonds in the mouth .

And now with a drop of water :
Colour : A small drop of water does not affect the colouring much , slightly lighter golden hue.
Nose : The drop of water brings out the aroma of Bananas,Figs, and some traces of sea front smell , on the nice side the traces of smoke is completely gone.
Palate: The smoothness of the dram , with the water added turns it to a powerful bland drink, the warm glow is still present but the mouth is empty of the sensations of the dram.

Conclusion : A very mellow dram that stands on it’s own with out any need for water ,most stores indicate this bottling as out of stock , which is sad since this dram can go well with almost any event . 4 out of 5 .

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