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Tasting in the time of COVID

To say it has been a while would be an understatement.
The MaltGeeks crew have not met in person for more then 3 years (granted, since COVID-19 erupted around the globe it became impossible) and that of course impacted our ability to share drinks and upload reviews on new expressions.
We hope to be able to make a partial meeting in the next #burnsnight and maybe taste some of the new bottles that joined the collection, but the way that the Delta variant is spreading, it would be a good guess that we may not be able to.
There are those that have contracted the virus (Thankfully non of us), and they lost both the sense of smell and taste, which got me wondering, What would be the sensation or the experience of drinking Whisky without being able to taste or smell it ? As the COVID impacts older members harder, I shudder to think of a long time drinker/ collector that loses those senses, or a master blender.
The former would cry over the loss of a horded collection while the other will most likely lose his livelihood, and the Whiskey community the flavor that he brought to the world.
Let’s stay safe so we can enjoy the full experience of this wonderful drink.