Early St.Patrick 2024 Tasting

Last night some of the MaltGeek friends met to do our largest drinking evening since COVID hit us 4 years ago, and a lot has changed.
I will not bother you with all the details, suffice to say that we were happy to have the chance to do this and naturally we brought some things to drink.
Being the night before St.Paddy we focused on the Irish made expressions we each had in our respective stock.

This was the selection of expressions we had:

We made sure to have some palate cleansing food to go between each tasting, and then we started, going from right to left in the order of tasting.
We skipped the “classic” Jameson as it a well know expression and we wanted to explore the ones we haven’t tried before:

The Irishman – very young, No discernible nose, no burn, no after taste. over all a very disappointing expression, maybe good for beginners, Rating 1
Jameson stout – a gentle nose of of grass, wood, and charcoal, the flavour bring our traces of wood and grass but lack the stout flavour it is meant to provide. A faint after burn but still mild. Rating 2.5
Jameson gold – This used to be a good expression that we liked, but we found it to be severely lacking in all aspects compared to the stout finish. Rating 1
Bushmills black bush – Compared to the previous ones this one had a more pungent aroma with traces of pine and it had a stronger bite to it. it goes down smooth with No Burn or after glow leaving a taste of cloves, grass, and pepper. Rating 3
Teeling small batch – Rum finish 46% alc – Right of the start you get a discernible aroma of the sugar which is promising, however the promise does not have any backing since the taste is bland with no finish, no bite and over all too sweet. Rating 2
Teeling stout 46% alc– The nose of this expression was the most robust then any of the previous ones with traces of mint, grass and cherries. The palate gets a smooth drink with a nice easy burn that leaves some chocolate and mint feeling. Rating 3.5

Teeling renaissance – Calvados finish 46% alc – The unmistakable aroma of apples is the one you get at the first nosing followed by grass and tea. The flavour follows suit with faint apples, black pepper and tea but despite the higher the usually alcohol percentage there is no immediate burn, there is a slow release once it settles and it is mildly surprising. Rating 3.5

Over all we had a nice evening, but none of the expressions we had stood out or surprised us.
Oh, Well, It just means we will need to find more opportunities for more sampling.

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