An old friend “sent off”

There are not many whiskies that all of us in MaltGeeks agree on and love.

There are two that are the exception to that statement and sadly both are now no longer available, both have been covered on this site The Imperial Octave and the now discontinoued Mortlach 16 Year Old – Flora and Fauna.

We first encountered this bottle on a hiking trip following the Distillary rich A941 from Elgin to Dufftown.
We stopped for the night at a B&B in Craigellachie and the owner sent of to a lovely place called The Fiddichside Inn and told us to tell the owner he sent us and to ask for “his usuall”, We did and recieved 2 shots of the Mortlach 16. It was love at first sip, the next morning we bought 2 bottles, and carryed them with us for the rest of the hike (not a trivial task when you also carry your tent and other bottles).

After reading Oliver Kilmek’s Mortlach Blues article on what will happen with the beloved Mortlach, I sent a “Rallying call” to the MaltGeeks crew and we decided to horde as many bottles of this fine dram as we can.

Scouring many Whisky retailers in the UK started to become a fool’s erand as most of them were out of stock for this bottling, but at last I managed to talk to a retalier that said he has a number of bottles on the shelf, Well come tomorrow that shelf will be empty as we bought the lot.

I already have a nearly full bottle at home, but the thought that it will one day end adn will never be replaced depresses me.

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