Arran Sleeping Warrior

The Arran Sleeping Warrior 11 years old , was given to members of the Maltgeeks while on tour in the distillery , it is an 11 years old bottling in a cask strength of 54.9% , and one of only 6000 bottles made.
ARRAN Sleeping Warrior 54.9%
In some circles 6000 units is considered a large number, but in Whisky 6000 bottles is a very low, and there for the privilege of having such a limited dram is something we appreciate and savour.

When we approached the tasting of this bottle, we took the time to enjoy it as once it is gone , chances are we will not be able to got another one.

Nose: The Aroma draft is easy and smooth providing scents of Leaves, Almonds ,Moss and Caramel. Very gentle and interesting in it’s combination.
Colour : Light brown , slightly golden in hue , clear with a very smooth swirl.
Palate : The dram is very powerful, with a strong kick on the tongue and a burn in the throat , if you drink it unprepared if will cause you to choke due to it’s spirit content.
Once you are past the cough seizure the traces are :Caramel,Peppers and Bananas.

As is with all high spirit content drams a bit of water might be needed , and since this is a tasting review a dash of water is added to review the dram watered down(and maybe quench the fire it carries with it) :

Nose:The nose is not affected by the added water,if anything it feels as if the water acts as a re-laxer to the aroma as it is drifting out even slower but still full and still powerful.
Colour:The colour becomes even a deeper golden hue with a shimmering quality , but retaining the smoothness it had before.
Palate: The brunt force of the dram is diminished to a more managed and “tame” dram , it is now gentle in the mouth but still provides the deep burning sensation in the gut and a easy after taste in the palate. Traces of Almonds ,Caramel,Bananas and Apricots .

Conclusion : This Whisky is a very lovely Dram , but it requires water. At a cost of £57.95 it was a very good buy, but now out of stock in the major stores.
It will go well with a Rabbit or Game .
3.25 out of 5 .

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