Consolation Dram

During the weekend I had some errands to run in London , things I have been putting off for a while.
So while I was doing my “rounds” I walked in the the Royal Mile Whisky shop for a chat and catching up .

I spotted some bottles I’d probably will add to my collection after pay-day , and once I finished the shelves round I started talking to the guy at the counter , We mentioned some new drams coming out and tasting of old things , and in all of that I told him about the disappointment from the DeerStalker that I bought from the Edinburgh branch.
He said he was sorry to hear that a bottle I got that their shop and offered me a sample to balance it out , I was surprised and jested that I can see several things I’d Love to sample , but he would not open them for that , then I asked what he has open that he thinks would be nice , so he gave me a Bruichladdich 10 year old 43% .
It is a very nice dram , with a very intense and nice burn good nose and a lovely after taste.

This is not a full tasting notes as I did not write the sensations of this dram , but I found it a very pleasant dram .

I’ve also talked about bringing a sample of the Healey and the Imperial I have at home for the staff to taste , now I need to find the time .

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