Night of tasting 25/11/2011

As 3 out of the 4 MaltGeeks gathered in the same place (while I was stocking on new items ) we concluded that it was a good time to do another tasting night, We arranged for some snacks to be beside the drink and set forth on an evening of palate exploration.

I must say that since my last visit to Scotland I brought with me 2 bottles of water to serve in tastings, but those have been consumed by the moronic movers that saw them in the drinks cabinet next to Whiskey and decided that they were there for them to use, so we were left with normal English Tap water.

The First Dram of the night was Knappogue Castle 12 year old irish Whiskey :
Knappogue Castle 12 year old irish Whiskey
[I am a fan of the Irish dram and was hoping for a nice smooth drink ]
Color : Very clear Light hay gold .
Nose : A slow and very faint aroma comes out from this dram with hints of citrus and apricot , the scent is very gentle and easy on the nose.
Palate : Delivering a strong powerful burn in the mouth , the Whiskey is releasing a strong taste of peppers , almonds and some fruits in the mouth , but all the excitement ends in the mouth as there is no after burn in the gut.

Adding a dash of water gave this dram some distinct changes :
Color : Becomes clear , nearly vodka like.
Nose : The big change is in the nose as it gives out other scents : Fudge ,cream and almonds come out while the pepper is not present anymore.
Palate : Disappointing , the dram becomes bland with no burn and no after burn , I’ve had Orange Juice with more zest then this Whiskey on water .

Conclusion : Not very exciting , but not at all a bad dram to start with 3 out of five .
The second item was the mystery DeerStalker 10 year old :
DeerStalker 10 year old
This Dram I acquired on a whim , but knew nothing about it , the guys at the shop could give me no information about it , so we knew nothing on what to expect , except that it is an highland dram.

Color : Slightly yellow hue .
Nose : very easy on the nose, slow expansion, traces of Hay, raisin and grass.
Palate : Bland , flavorless , after a long try some trace of bananas come out but even then very faint , no burn .

Adding water killed all the color from this dram and also washed away the faint traces of the Banana , so not much to say about it .
Conclusion : this is the kind of whiskey you use for cooking , or for a Rusty Nail cocktail – cause anything will improve the drink . 1.5 out of five (£24.95 Price is too much for this one ).
Third item on the list was the dram I have been chasing for quite a while : GlenCadam 10 year old Distillery bottle 46% :
I have tasted the Glen Cadam twice now and both were the connoisseur edition bottling , which I liked , but I wanted a Distillery bottle and finally I got it :
GlenCadam 10 year old Distillery bottle
Color : Deep Light Gold , almost honey like.
Nose: Full nose and deep bodied full of aromas of fudge, Vanilla, banana’s and cardamon.
Palate: The liquid give a strong nice burn in the mouth with a slow long after burn leaving the mouth with traces of pepper and caramel which usually do not go together but in this dram they are balanced and easy on the palate.

Adding a dash of water :
Color : Loses the nice color to even a drop of water and becomes nearly clear.
Nose: The water suppresses the aroma and the smells are slow in coming out , but when they do come you get Caramel,Annis, Pepper and Coriander seeds .
Palate : The water is giving the Pepper a push to become too dominant that it is overshadowing any other flavor ,but you can still feel a trace of the Caramel in it .

Conclusion : this dram need no water as it stands out very well alone and untouched , a good dram for a light evening .3.75 out of 5 (£29.49 is a very good price for this good dram).


The Last drink of the night was the limited edition Hicks & Healey Cornish Single Malt 7 Year-old Whiskeythat I bought and mentioned Here .
limited edition Hicks & Healey Cornish Single Malt 7 Year-old Whiskey
As this is a very rare expression we were very excited about this one …
Color : Golden brown
Nose : The Cider finish is apparent here as the first thing you smell is apples , after that other smells come out to fill your nose with scents of Christmas cake.
Palate: I think I once had tasting buds this thing burned it right off with some trace of honey and a burn of Habanero pepper. A hammer to the head and kick to the groin will describe this drink best.

… and then we read the rest of the label on the bottle : 61.3% proof so lets take it back , add some water and try again :

Color : No discernible change , still deep golden brown.
Nose : Apples , Pines and Honey come drifting out, almost the smells of the cyder farm.
Palate : Now this is more like it , this is a whiskey to enjoy with a good drop of water (3 corks full for me) and now you get a mellow balanced dram with traces of Apples , Cloves, Vanilla, peppers( very mild this time) and earth .

Conclusion : This is a wonderful dram that is worth the investment as a limited edition , if you can still get it do so (£150 ) a pleasure to drink and savor but remember it MUST have water. 4 out of 5 .

29/11/2011 – it was brought to our attention that this item is no longer available Out Of Stock

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