Imperial Octave

IMPERIAL 1997 Octave 53.2% Royal Mile Whiskies Exclusive
Imperial Octave
Limited to just 72 bottles (they bought the lot). This is a brilliant example of Imperial finished for just three months by Duncan Taylor in a tiny Octave-sized sherry cask .
As soon as I heard about this dram I knew I wanted to try it , and I had to get all the way to Edinburgh to get it , as I was told that only the Edinburgh branch had it.
It has been sitting in my Cabinet since September 2010 and last night I finally had someone to sample it with me …

color -A deep red honey brown , almost like a Moniack mead with a very short legs and smooth swirl in the glass.
nose – Very deep and full , the nose is filled with so many things in the aroma you keep on finding new traces and things the more you inhale the vapors : Caramel , vanilla , fruits , spices , roses , traces of earth , pines and some more that I have not identified .
palate – WOW , It is one of those drams that is just sublime , it feels as if you are submerging into a sweet haze of taste and alcohol , with so many things giving it a tender push for some more , gentle but firm on the tongue ,slow burn going down but no forceful overbite , mellow burn in the gut with after taste that lingers and tempts you to take more in .

And as this is a sampling entry – we will add some water :

nose – the drop of water is releasing a strong aroma of chocolate and leather , and those are overpowering the other flavors that were apparent without the water .
palate – violent overturn and aggressive in the mouth , but not in the good way that some drams do , but all in all very pale shadow of the non watered version .
Conclusion : DO NOT ADD WATER !!!! .
This is a brilliant dram , too bad it is out of stock to be purchased . I’d give it 4.25 out of 5

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