Talisker 10 years old

Did I mention before that I do not like peaty whiskey , well if I didn’t , let me state it loud and clear , I do not like the Peaty Scotch.

That being said I was told by numerous drinkers that I must try the Talisker. And following those advices I obtained a bottle of the Talisker 10 years old and last night I opened it and sampled this dram …

Yeah , I really don’t like the peat .. the nose wasn’t that bad ,even with the aroma of a slight ashtray coming out of it , what absolutely killed me was the flavors, lots of fruity traces in there but the sensation I was drinking a cigarette in a glass with an alcoholic fruit juice is not my cup of pleasure .

I even tried it twice , so it can’t be said that I didn’t give it a fair chance , but in the end all it did was affirm my initial statement – No to Peaty malt.

For those of you that do like the smoky malts , this one is a nice one to sample from : nice nose, beautiful color , smooth swirl and an good mouth full of flavors . As for the after taste/burn – I can not say all I felt was the smoke , but I guess that is what some people want in their dram .

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