St Magdalenes

St Magadlene distillery , St Magdalenes
Linlithgow Owner: United Distillers & Vintners (Diageo) Creation date 1765

St Magdalae Distillary

The distillery is build on the site of an old leper colony dating back to the 12th century. It has been altered to settle a covent and later an hospital .
The distillery, situated in Linlithgow dates from 1765. It was originally called Linlithgow.
The distillery is build near the Union Canal, which made it easy to carry the whisky.
St Magdalene was the property of Adam Dawson, one of the first to apply for a legal distilling licence.
DCL (which would later become UDV, after merging with Guinness) bought the distillery in 1912, and closed it definitively in 1983.

The story of this whiskey and our group started in the Whiskey Show of 2009 ,when we took one of our group on his Stag weekend , in the Show we participated in the Lost distilleries Master Class and were presented with is old and very rare whiskey .We all liked it and enjoyed the sample we had in the class.
Fast forward 2 days and we are now in Dufftown after a splendid tour of the Glenfiddich Distillery and walking in to the The whiskey shop Dufftown looking at the vast number of choices on the shelves. Just before we were about to exit the shop one of the group noticed a bottle half hidden in the lower shelves – and Lo and behold if was a St Magdalene Rare Old 1975 .Without much thought it was purchased and taken home .

It’s been a year and the bottle drank with love – but up to now no one of the group ( lazy bastards) took the time to write the notes , so here goes … MaltGeeks tasting the St Magdalene Rare Old 1975:
Nose – The nose is light , some what faintly hiding it’s contents , traces of pines ,Sap and a slow creeping pepper -almost as an after thought .
Color – The gold-ish haze color is clear and very smooth , with no legs and very swift swirl.
Palate – The dram in the mouth feels very smooth but with a light burn in the back of the mouth , strong taste of peppers , Vanilla , Toffee and some remainder of pines in the mix , as the liquid goes down you get a nice slow burn in the gut.
Water – Has no affect on the color , and it wipes clean the nose , the aroma is all gone – very disappointing.
The taste becomes bland to a point of annoyance however it maintains the slow burn it had before and adds a gentle overbite to it.
Summery – A very lovely Whiskey , that is a credit to a good craftsmanship , but lost for good .
It is a hard find to get but worth the price – although keep the water away from it – it will be a shame to ruin a 30 year old bottle – especially if you can’t be sure you can get another one. 3.75 ( out of 5)

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