A gathering of flavours

Due to the geographical difficulty of gathering all the gang for a drink , we hadn’t had a tasting session for quite a while , so on the evening of the 18th we manged to gather all the friends in one place and have a nice evening with many drams shared.

There was the Lovely Highland Park 21 Yrs ,The Nikka 12 yrs , Hakushu 10 years and the St. Magdalena 30 yrs (which deserves and will have its own entry).

Hakushu 10 years old
Hakushu 10 years old
The Hakushu was a nice dram that we all enjoyed , so I will start with it first :
color – light hey gold , with no legs and a smooth swirl in the glass .
Nose – Full nose, and powerful aroma – after you lt it sit out and breath for a while , in the first 40 seconds it was as if it had no scent , but once you wait it really blossoms . The peppers are the most dominant smell with a hint of caramel .
Palate – The mouth is filled with an earthy flavor, full, and powering , once you let it settle other flavors come out : pepper , spices, caramel , all mixed together and not over shadowing another .
when going down it leaves a nice slow burn and a hearty glow in the gut.
summery a very pleasant dram for a light evening – grade 3.5 (out of 5) .

Nikka 12 years old
Nikka 12 years old
The Nikka was a dram we were unfamiliar with so we came to test it with a curios attitude :
color – The dram color was promising , light gold – like the Autumn leaves of a maple tree, nice swirl with short legs and smooth lines.
Nose – If the Hakushu had a slow release on it’s aroma – the Nikka was a dead mover , it felt as though we needed to coax the scent out of it , eventually we got a whiff of sap, pines and plums.
Palate – Since the nose was a let down , we hoped the palate will compensate , sadly we were mistaken, the dram was bland with no overbite and no burn , slight flavor of peppers and a feint trace of toffee , but once it goes down there is no after taste .
summery – we kept the bottle as a cooking whiskey , not to all our liking , grade 2 (out of 5) .

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