The Belvenie 12 Double wood

I went on a family holiday and decided that coming empty handed was wrong , so I purchased this bottle and took it with me , on the last night we sat down and sampled this dram , funnily enough this was not my first Belvenie , i some how managed to forget my previous exposure ( see previous postings).

So now that I have sampled it – time to give my notes ,overall characteristics of this dram are , Sherry Oak finish , 12 years old , 40% proof .

Color : Light gold almond haze , with a nice smooth swirl and short light legs.

Nose : Easy nose with traces of pines,caramel and peppers , the aroma dissipates fast from the nose , leaving a clear void

Taste :The dram has a nice after burn on the back of the mouth , with a slow building burn in the stomach .
The flavors that remain are of strong pepper , wood , chocolate , raisins and almonds .

All in all , a mild dram for a light summer evening for the after meal drink or with a light fruits beside it .
Coming at a price of £28 in an off license shop, it is an affordable dram that can go with almost any social gathering.

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