Speyburn Bradan Orach

The name of this one has some promise and contradictions in it (from my point of view) , as it is a speyside whiskey I am expecting a smooth and gentle dram , all the while the “Burn” part have me expecting a more vibrant and powerful dram .
The only way to find out , is our favorite way … open the bottle and sample … Speyburn Bradan Orach (Dist)

As is with all tasting and sampling , i’ll start with the color : Light golden , smooth swirl with very faint legs .
The nose is very easy , almost non existent with a very faint smell of pines .
in the mouth there is a lack of energy to this dram , it is very light on the palette with a light sense of almond to the dram and a very slow and mild burn ( sadly not up to his name in the burn factor).

Adding a dash of water to this dram does wonder to the nose , it comes alive with more powerful aroma of the same traces and the presence of peat.
There is no change on the color which was very nice surprise , but the biggest of the changes is the taste – that small dash of water made this dram utterly bland!! (Remember , i am not using pure Scottish water for this tasting , so this might be why i got this result).

All in all a light dram for the start of the evening or with a light fish dish for lunch .
Duty free price is £21.59 , which is ok , for a whiskey of this quality

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