GlenGarioch 1797 Founding Reserve

GlenGarioch 1797 Founding ReserveAfter a long time of hearing about this Distillery , reading many articles where people praise the dram that comes out of this established industry name , I decided to get a bottle and try it for myself.

So after attempting to gather my ” Usual Suspects” for a night of sampling , and managing to find only a small section of them available , we opened the bottle and drunk.

We’ll start off with the first impression you get :
Color – Deep honey gold ,with a smooth swirl and no legs in the glass .
The nose is very light on the senses but heavy on the honey aroma with a hint of pine, almonds and pepper.

Tasting : The honey again is very dominant on the palate , with the hints of pepper slowly creeping in. It is very light with a nice slow burn in the back of the mouth , and a gentle slow burn in the stomach.

And as in all tasting – adding a dash of water ( now I must say that the water used in this tasting are not up to the clear Scottish water standard – but that is what was available) .

Nose opens up marvelously exposing a gentle exposure of many spices , and the color change to a light golden hue , which gives the dram a more alluring approach.
The taste however is a different story – the gentle after burn is gone completely along with the after taste that existed before the water were added.

All in all – a nice starting dram for early evening and for lovers of the more gentle whiskey , but do not add water !!
Duty free price reasonable at £31.79 .

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