Beef Bourguignon

Last year we visited the Whiskey show in London , where we bought the Whiskey kitchen book , last night I decided to try and make beef bourguignon and adopt some advice from the book.
The book recommends to use the Auchentoshan in the cooking – but as I had none I replaced it with the Long morn 16 , also for the lack of bacon I used a Deer Salami fried to a crisp and added to the slow marinaded cooking .

In 1 hour I will have the results and then I will know if it went well.

One Comment

  • The result was a bit salty -due to the nature of the deer salami , and but the over all taste was very good and the meat was render , although after such a long slow cooking time – the effects of the alcohol were non existent , as was the flavor of the Whiskey.

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